The UMC controller is an feature packed underfloor manifold controller. Designed to be compact for ever decreasing panel space but have features that improve the design of the installation.

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Auto Pump / Boiler

The UMC automatically controls the AC output which can be used for a local manifold pump or wired back to triger a boiler. This feature is default, however, the AC output can be switched to a manual mode which allows full control over it via the Modbus interface and specific register.

Temperature Probe Inputs

THe UMC has three 10K3 probe inputs that can be used to feed temperature information back the the BMS / Home Automation system. These could be pipe sensors, external temperature or other rooms that don't have a dedicated thermostat.

Dual Fuse Actuators

The actuator head have two fuses so an fault will only effect four of the eight actator outputs. The fuse head are simple to access even when the product is installed with a cabinet full of cabling.

Fail Safe Supply

The UMC can be attached to two different power sources to provide a fault level protection. The supply for the actuator heads can be supplied by a seperate power supply to that that powers the units control system. This way if the actuator heads develop a fault and trip the supply the UMC will remain in comuncations with the BMS control system and retain its digital inputs and temperature sensor feedback.

Product Specifications


Room Temperature Sensor
Centigrade or Fahrenheit
With configurable display resolutions of 0.1, 0.5 & 1.0 °C/°F
Accuracy ±0.5°C ±1°F
Sensor / Probe Support3no. 10k3 remote probe inputs
Digital Inputs4no.Digital Volt Free input
Master Mode
Slave Mode
PowerIEC SELV/NEC® Class 2
18 – 28 V DC – 80mA
Typical Power Consumption80mA @ 24v DC
Test conditions: All features enabled, with external probes fitted and all relays activated
EnclosureIP20 Rating, indoor use only
EnvironmentAmbient operating temperature: -5 °C to 45 °C, (23 °F to 113 °F)
0% to 85% non-condensing relative humidity. Indoor use only.
CommunicationsSELV/PELV/NEC® Class 2 wiring connects thermostats to other devices on the Modbus link.
Mode: RTU Framing (JBUS)
Baud Rate: 9600, 19200 & 57600
Byte Format: 8N1
Modbus ID: 1 – 32 (range)
ESD ProtectionMeets IEC 801-2. To withstand 15 kV electrostatic discharge without damage or memory loss.
MemoryInternal EEPROM is rated for 100,000 writes (non-volatile configuration only)
Power FailureFeatures marked as non-volatile are saved to internal EEPROM memory and will be restored after power is returned.
Mounting35mm Standard DIN Rail mount
WiringSELV/PELV/NEC® Class 2
TerminalsModbus & DC Power Terminal (x4pin) accepts 28AWG to 16AWG wires
Remote probes Terminal (x8pin) accepts 28AWG to 16AWG wires
Digital Input Terminal (x8pin) accepts 28AWG to 16AWG wires
Pump / Boiler Terminal (x6pin) screw terminal L.N.E
Actuator Input & Outputs Terminal (x18pin) push fit

UMC Accessories



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Product Model Types & Variations

Model Numbers
UMC-MB4-0018 Zone Manifold with Boiler / Pump Output
3 x Remote 10k3 Probe Inputs
4 x Digital Volt Free input

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