Lutron Cabinet (Tall DC08)

£250.00 ex VAT

427 x 1600mm Electrical DIN Cabinet


427 x 1600 mm (internal dimensions, see images for detail sizing)

This metal cabinet with cover (DC08) is ideal for mounting DIN rail equipment and electronics. Such as Lutron, Crestron, Helvar etc..

Specifically designed to mount Lutron QS dimmers and switch gear (LQSE-4T10-D, LQSE-2ECO-D, LQSE-2DAL-D, LQSE-4S10-D, LQSE-4A-D, LQSE-4M-D, QSPS-DH-1-75-H, LQSE-4A1-D, LQSE-4S1-D, HQP6-2, QSE-IO, QSE-CI-DMX)

This empty cabinet can house eight Lutron QS DIN rail modules plus an HQP6-2 Processor and PSU.

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Weight 12 kg