About us

Polar Bear specialises in products that enhance and simplify your integrated solutions.

Our products not only make your offerings more unique, they help round out your proposal simplifying the integration design. Much of Polar Bears DNA is from the Automation and Networking industries. Moreover we have been working with AV, lighting, home automation and BMS installers for many years.

At the core of our company we identify holes in other manufacturers product line up. We then produces products that not only fills that hole but extends the feature sets. This allows the integrator to typically simplify the design leading to cost saving and an overall improvement to the design.

Our products come from years of experience in these industries, as well as working closely with our clients.

The main focus is on unique products that improve the overall integrated solution. We often work in combination with manufacturers or installers to derive a specific product that will directly fill a hole in the market. These products are not only limited to physical products, as we can also produce software or modules that will fit into a solution.