Polar Bear Design are offering the Zentium Thermostat as a replacement for the Cool Automation ThermoPad which has issued an end-of-life statement.

As we move into March of 2021, the smart home/smart building industry has seen many challenges in the last 12 months. For roughly a year projects have been distributed, put on hold or cancelled. So, good news on how to avoid added disruption to planned projects should be very welcome and that is exactly what we are offering with the Zentium Thermostat as your ally. 

A great new feature has been added to the Zentium thermostat, that help integrate with room fan coil units.

Many VRF / VRV have built in return air temperature sensors that are used internally for that VRF to regulate its own operation. The setpoint of the VRF can be changed by the user but typically the temperature reading is hidden away with the BMS controls.